6 Ноября 2019
Michael and Judith
Hi Anastasia

I can not think of anything other than positive feedback

When we first called into the office (I was all hot from my tennis match) we explained what we were looking for, an apartment, as a second home more than a holiday home. Also it had to have a holiday home feel and we would be happy there for a long time
After leaving you Judith said to me ‘she really understood what we wanted’
This was true. I believe you did understand.
Agents often just want to sell you something (which I am sure you did) but they sometimes don’t listen to what we say
You did understand and thank you for that
You and Stanislav have been very clear and helpful throughout the whole time
I don’t think it was the easiest sale as the sellers were very difficult in my opinion
Your communication was excellent, help with the notary was also great
I would gladly recommend you and Stanislav to anyone looking for property in Mallorca
As I said at the start, there is no negative feedback from us, you were fantastic at all times

See you soon